Things to Do in New York

New York Central Park

New York has a lot to offer for tourists. There are quite a number of activities that visitors in the city can enjoy. Night or day, there’s always something in store for people in the "City That Never Sleeps". Here are just some samples of the different activity options that New York.

Park Visits

New York has a number of parks that visitors can always go to the various parks that can be found in the city. Most people may not know this but New York is known as the greenest city in America. It may be such a surprise considering that New York is one of the most highly urbanized cities in the world. The famed city has about 52,900 acres of Go and enjoy nature even in the midst of New York City by going through Manhattan’s famed Central Park.

There is also the New York Botanical Garden which is located in the Bronx that offer guided bird walks. Queens has the 10,000 Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge where you can experience the arrival of thousands of migrating shore birds in spring. The city’s more than 1,700 parks and playgrounds are open for everyone to come and visit.

Visit Broadway

New York is also known for its theater scene. And if you want to head out and enjoy the theater experience, you can always head out to the famous Broadway. Excitement and a different theater experience is yours to cherish with a number of famed musicals and other productions when you come and visit Broadway. You can take your pick from probably hundreds of shows that have everything to offer for everyone.

Go Shopping

New York is also known as a popular shopper’s paradise. Visitors have always hundreds of stores to go to and find a wide variety of items- from luxury goods to bargain items. You can go visit the world’s largest department store (Macy’s) where you may be able to find almost everything that you ever could shop for.

There’s also Saks Fifth Avenue where you may be able to find a lot of upscale clothing for men, women as well as children among other things. You can also explore other smaller hip boutiques that can be found everywhere for a taste of a different kind of shopping adventure.

Enjoy Sports

New York is a city that is passionate about sports. It is a city that prides itself of providing a number of sporting activities for its visitors. Go rock climbing, sailing, kayaking or even golfing in many places around New York. You can also get to enjoy experiencing major league games live if you wish.

The city has a team that represents it in almost all the major league sports available. They have the Knicks for basketball, the Jets In football and the Giants in baseball, just to name a few. You can catch them live at the arenas, depending on what season you plan to visit the city. And that is just a tiny part of the other exciting surprises that New York has in store for you.

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