City of Portland Maine

Portland, MaineIt is the largest city in the easternmost state of the United States.  Visiting Portland, Maine, is a treat of the senses, with a ménage of eclectic sights, soothing sounds, and the moist, salty air.  It also brings together the bustling city atmosphere with a cozy, vintage appeal.

Portland is located only 1½ hours from Boston.  It is on a peninsula in Casco Bay on Maine’s southern coast.  The city offers all the establishments one can find on big cities such as arts district, museums, parks, elegant hotels, and a wide range of shopping opportunities.  However, you can also get yourself into some woods strolling, river canoeing, and even skiing, in just a few minutes away.

The city has a waterfront that comes to life, complete with late 19th-Century architecture and a growing restaurant and arts scene.  Portland’s downtown is an old port lined with beautifully restored brick buildings housed with colorful cafés, shops, and bars favored by the bohemian crowd.  Some travelers even swear that the Old Port reminds them of Europe with all the many narrow cobbled streets and old brick buildings.  You can also visit the city’s Victorian-filled neighborhoods along the Western Promenade as well as its abundant green space that provides wonderful views of the city and the harbor.

Among the places in Portland that are worth the visit are the Portland Museum of Art, which includes large collections of sculptures, paintings, and objects from the 18th Century onwards; the Children’s Museum of Maine, which features three interactive exhibits, one of which is a trip around "Our Town;" and the Portland Observatory, which is the only existing historic maritime signal station in the United States.

With all of its vintage splendor, it is unimaginable that Portland was a city devastated by fire and had to be rebuilt several times since its founding in 1632 by English colonists.  This is why it is so fitting that the phoenix, a fire bird that rises from the ashes, is one of the city’s icons.

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