Quebec Eating and Drinking Guide

Quebec City offers quite an eating and drinking experience to its visitors. Quebec has been greatly quebec food and drinkinfluenced by France as it was once a colony. That is why the typical the food that people may find in Quebec is one that is influenced by the French. French cuisine is common fare in Quebec and other cities belonging to this province. So much so that Quebec city also has them, being the province’s government capital.

As a major city in the province with over 700,000 inhabitants, a visit to Quebec City is not complete without sampling the French influenced cuisine in the area. There are various superb French bistros and cafes that line the city. Most of them offer and serve French cuisine in some form.

There are the most popular dining establishments that offer traditional French cuisine but which may come at a cost. The elegance and the opulence of French cuisine is something that is prized highly in the city. Most of such upscale French restaurants are found in the vicinity of Old Quebec along with most of the clubs and bars which serve the nightlife scene in the city.

There are also well established eateries located in the Grande Allee which hosts its own bustling restaurant scene but mostly of the casual variety. There are various locally based haute cuisine that can be found in this part of the city that have combined local ingredients such as the cheese products of the province with French influenced menus.

Although most of the culinary fare found in Quebec is of the French variety, those who look for other choices need not worry. The city also is home to some quality restaurants that serve Italian and Belgian cuisines. The city also serves home to some Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants as well as those that serve fusion cuisine as an added experience to the visitor.

For the visitor in Quebec, it is important to note that most of the establishments in the city usually provide menus in the French as well as in the English language. When trying out a French restaurant in the city, one should try to look for the table d’hote specials to enjoy a full course fixed price meal. For cheaper options, visitors would want to try out the traditional tourtiere quebecois, which is a local meat pie that is truly a satisfying treat. There is also the ever popular poutine which is a dish composed of fries, gravy and cheese curds.

When it comes to drinking and the nightlife, Quebec also has something to offer for the visitor. Most of the night spots and bars in the city are located in the . This area of the city burst with life after sundown especially during the weekends. There are various clubs and spots that one may find here, mostly of which cater to the youth and the young crowd.

When it comes to pubs and casual drinking establishments, visitors may want to head out to La Rue St. Jean where the best pubs in the city are located. This is an area is somewhere on the west end of the city, beyond the ancient city walls. Some smaller dance clubs may also be found here.

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