Getting Around Quebec


When getting around Quebec, travelers are provided a number of options. As one of the major provinces in Canada, Quebec has a vast network of travel routes and networks that can be traveled on by a variety of means. People can easily go from one city in Quebec to another by way of several transportation options.

The fastest way of getting around Quebec is by plane. By the sheer size of the province, visiting the different places of interest in a short time may require time saving traveling solutions which are provided by planes plying the Quebec route. Travelers can take commercial flights going to and from the different Quebec cities. There are also smaller charter planes available that can provide travelers with special trips in some areas in Quebec that is not covered by commercial flights.

Visiting the cities in Quebec can be done through its railway network. The train can take visitors from Montreal to Quebec city and back. The train network also provides trips to other cities such as Jonquiere and Gaspe. Most of the trips can be lengthy but there are many sights that tourists may be able to see along the way. There are also overnight trips available that will allow tourists to sleep the lengthy train trip away and wake up in another Quebec destination.

Buses are also available for tourists to take when going to different cities and towns in Quebec. This convenient public transport is also available for traveling within cites as most of them operate inter-city buses to bring people to different attractions and locations in and outside the city. Buses are mostly interconnected with subway systems in the cities to cover a larger network of routes made convenient for people who commute day in and day out.

Since about half of Quebec’s territory is bordered by water, traveling by ferry or boat may also be a welcome alternative for more adventurous travelers. There’s is the majestic St. Lawrence River that visitors may want to check out as part of their travels in and around the province of Quebec. The river links the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes area.

The land that stretches across this river is usually bordered by several cities and villages that are worth going to. Ferries are available that would take tourists from different places along this route.

Other traveling options available for visitors include renting cars to have a more private tour of the province. Although it might cost a bit more than using public transportation, rented cars provide visitors with a way to explore this wonderful province without having to stick to a schedule. Visitors may also be able to plan their trips in a more personalized manner.

In addition, people may also prefer using bikes to explore areas within cities as most cities and towns in Quebec provide wonderful biking trails that stretch out in many of the most populated areas of the province.

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