Popular Beaches In LA

Los Angeles has many popular spots for tourists to visit. But probably one of the most popular areas where most of the people frequent are LA’s various beaches. They are popular in so many different ways in that they attract a certain group of visitors day in and day out. Here are some of LA’s popular beaches and what they are known for.

Malibu’s Surfrider Beach

Malibu has one of LA’s more well-known beaches. One of them is Surfrider Beach. Aside from being located in one of LA’s more affluent cities, the beach is also popular among surfers. Surfrider Beach offers one of the best areas in LA where surfers can catch that perfect wave to ride on. It is also a good spot to watch surfers and be amazed at how they ride those waves with skill.

Venice Beach For People Watching

Some people go to the beach to enjoy the sea and the sand. There are also others that enjoy watching enjoying and having a fun time at the beach. For the latter group, Venice Beach offers the best place in LA for people watching. This beach seems to attract quite a diverse group of people who stroll on its sands and stroll around and enjoy the beach view. From the beautiful people to the eccentric ones and the colorful types, Venice Beach seems to have them all.

Cabrillo Beach for Family Fun

For visitors with kids or the whole family in tow, Cabrillo Beach offers the setting for some family fun. This beach is located near San Pedro and situated in a thin peninsula near Point Fermin Park. Cabrillo Beach offers two choices for its visitors- a part of the beach that opens to the surf and outside the breakwater or the part that opens into the harbor. The beach offers enough room for families to spend the time for some relaxation and fun on the seashore.

Santa Monica State Beach

For those who just want to relax or go for a walk, the Santa Monica State Beach provides just the atmosphere. The beach stretches for more than two miles, giving the visitors more than enough seashore to explore or for a relaxing walk. People can play some good beach volleyball in its sands or go biking along the seashore.

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