Los Angeles Eating & Drinking Guide

los angeles foodBecause Los Angeles is a place with so many cultural influences, it is probably one of the best places where you can sample so many great-tasting food. You can virtually find any type of food imaginable within its very loose borders.

From the traditional American culture which is symbolized by the drive-ins of Hollywood to the new wave of cafes that are offering tacos off a truck to the various classy eateries with food that will simply take your breath away, there is absolutely no scarcity in the places where you can in Los Angeles.

The city is abundantly stocked with so many inexpensive food options as well as authentic food choices that appropriately represent the traditions of the many immigrant communities in downtown Los Angeles.

If you are willing to walk and sometimes run around just to be able to find the best deals in town, you might end up eating authentic Asian food that is as good as it gets when you were in that same country. The cheap-looking fluorescent-lit storefronts in strip malls are a far cry from the swanky restaurants that you might find in the busier and more posh areas of the city but your reward is food that is authentic that is served at bargain prices.

Los Angeles is also home to the different drive-thru chains that have eventually clogged up the roadsides so if you do want to get a taste of authentic American food, you might want to start out with In ‘n Out Burger. It’s fast, it’s traditional and it’s all American.

The food choices in Los Angeles are so diverse that you will be able to find almost all kinds of food for you to sink your teeth into. Where else but in L.A. can you find vegetarian dining and strictly vegan food? Whether you want to savor Mexican, Indian, Vegan Macrobiotic or Raw Gourmet cuisine, chances are, if you know about a certain type of food choice, you’ll be able to find it in L.A.

Lost within this big area are several various supermarket chains of different quality. One example is Trader Joe’s. If you are up for something different and inexpensive, you could give that a try. It is a reputable grocery store with several outlets.  The original is situated in Pasadena where they sell various organic products with absolutely zero preservatives. The store usually gives out great samples to the public and sells their acclaimed Charles Shaw wine, also known as "Two Buck Chuck."

Another player in the market is "Whole Foods" which is another marketplace with various locations. It has become a favorite among the health conscious. The only downside to it is that it is also a little pricey. Their salad bar is fully stocked, they have huge fresh burritos, sushi, hot dishes ready to go, and a comprehensive selections of pre-made, delicious salads.

If you are planning a picnic, this is an excellent place to buy great food. If you are still not satisfied with what you’ve seen and heard, you might want to try out the nearby cities of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica also offer abundant dining alternatives.

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