LA, The State With The Most Energy Efficient Buildings

Its fun to visit LA for its attractions. But it is also worth knowing more of what this part of California has achieved in some ways. One of those facts include being one of the top cities that contain the most number of green buildings in the whole nation, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. This makes LA’s aim to “go green” even more achievable.

The list for the top cities with the most green buildings is based on the number of buildings in a city that has earned the US EPA’s Energy Star rating in 2009. This rating is given to buildings that perform in the top 25 percent of similar buildings all over the nation in terms of energy efficiency. It is being given to 13 types of structures like schools, office buildings, retail stores, supermarkets and hospitals.

According to the US EPA, there are around 293 buildings located in Los Angeles that were given the rating in 2009. This includes green buildings like the Bank of America Plaza, the MGM Tower, AAA Headquarters, Northrop Grumman and the Westwood Medical Plaza, among many others. Overall, the awarded structures combined for 76 million sq. ft. that saved around a total of $93.9 million in terms of energy costs.

And because of this new status of being a city with the most number of green buildings, other LA businesses are trying to follow suit. Not only will this help future structures in the city be considered for the federal agency’s energy rating, it can also help save costs for businesses and corporations in terms of energy use.

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