Getting Around Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is pretty much synonymous to Hollywood but that is just a small aspect of the hustle and bustle of this city. Los Angeles is an expansive city and while it is most famous for the entertainment industry and Hollywood, there is definitely so much more to see in this city.

One of the things that you could marvel at is a massive conglomerate of public transportation that makes getting around a very viable option. Albeit painful, it is still the way to go when it comes to traveling across this very busy city.

The traffic during weekends may be even worse because of the erratic service but if you have a heads up on how to go about this city, you will be able to reduce your stress aside from your travel time.

You might want to sit back and ready yourself for everything that you can take in because after you’re through reading through this guide on how to go about the city, you might find it rather overwhelming.


The bus system of L.A. is quite extensive although unpredictable aside from being slow-moving. The buses are caught in traffic along with other cars so you will be lucky enough if you are running a bit late and then expect to arrive at your destination on time. You might want to give an allowance for traffic jams either in waiting for the bus or for your personal travel time.

The fare for a Metro bus is about $3.00 and $1.25 for those without transfers. It is not uncommon for a bus to change its route just to be able to save up on time so be sure you’re acquainted with the place or that you have a street map handy just in case you take an unexpected detour to save on time.

You simply have to be prudent enough to be early in your meetings. If however, you have trouble scheduling and managing your time, it might be better if you went around Los Angeles using the alternative mode of transportation.


For you to be able to experience Los Angeles in all its glory, you should either bring or rent a private car. This is because most of the sights that are worth seeing are not easily accessible by the bus or the rail transit.

The different beaches such as Santa Monica and Venice beach, the Korean Friendship Bell, Malibu beach, Orange County and most of the other hotspots of the area are easily accessed via a car.

So if you do plan on staying in Los Angeles, try to bring a car because you just might miss a lot if you simply rely on public transportation. You could possible get around but in the end, you just might end up walking may a few miles just to be able to get to the site that you’re going to. Be smart and rent a car that will be able to take you literally anywhere you want to go in L.A.

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