Las Vegas Vacation Guide

Las Vegas vacationThinking of a great vacation? The first place you may want to opt for is Las Vegas. It is considered to affordable, whatever it is you are looking for, from vacation to food, even entertainment. Though the notion of resorts may rob you of any hope of having a cheap vacation, there are still places in Las Vegas that will provide you a chance of having a cost-efficient trip.

Below are tips that you might want to consider on having a great affordable trip to Las Vegas.

Things you may consider on getting to Las Vegas

Going airborne rather than driving to Las Vegas may not be the smartest move if you are thinking of a cheap journey. However, the drive home may be both undelightful and brutal, so it may only just take the fun away. But for a cheaper air travel, you may want to ponder upon the following tips:

  • Avail of an advance ticket. If you will wait till the last minute, you might pay more than the usual.
  • Compare airline fares. Check different travel-oriented websites. 
  • Go for regional airports. They are far less congested and may save you some money on the parking.
  • Booking for a Saturday flight may help you save money because prices go down a bit. But the hotels in Las Vegas become a bit pricey. So you may opt for a strategy like paying more but save enough by arriving on a Sunday.

Hotels to stay for a cheap vacation

The idea about a cheap hotel means not having to travel several miles just to get to the fun spots. Thus it is better that you stay in a hotel where bigwigs do but spend less in rent than they do.

  • Tuesday nights in Las Vegas hotels are surprisingly cheap, so are the days in the middle of the week. It is best if you avoid a weekend stay because everything goes pricey in those days.
  • Compare hotel rates. Having armed yourself with information helps you save some money and go cheap.
  • The key to a cheap vacation is the location. If you plan to go from one casino to another, go for hotels that are in the middle of the strip but are consistent with their affordable room rates. Such hotels are: Imperial Palace, Harrah’s, Flamingo, Bally’s, Bill’s Gambling Hall
  • Check out promotions and coupons which a certain hotel may offer or join a slot club like the Total Rewards Club. All of these things may be your key for an affordable vacation.

Drinking in Las Vegas strips

Las Vegas is associated with alcohol and high spirits. Once you get the idea about such a relationship, you might forget that you need to save as much as possible. Otherwise, before you even know it, the drinks alone made you broke. Below are a few tips on how to get high spirits but to save on drinks as well.

  • Drinks are free if you are gambling. So while you are before the slot machine, wait for a cocktail waitress. Making tips will also help you get to drink a little more than you might expect.
  • Drinking while eating at restaurants is synonymous to squandering your money. So don’t drink if you choose to eat in those places.
  • Go for bars that have drink specials and seem to be a haven for tourists. Such bars are:  Margaritaville – Flamingo, Canaval Court – Harrah’s, ESPN Zone – New York/New York, Trader Vic’s – Miracle Mile Shop, Slots of Fun

Eating in Las Vegas

Though going exotic may mean going expensive, you may want to consider any of these tips below.

Go for cheap restaurants. There are restaurants that have meals as low as $25. You may even get to eat a $15 meal. If you get to stay away from alcoholic drinks, you may have just saved enough for the next day. If you plan to skip a meal, you may want to go on a buffet. For a midnight snack or two, a cheap hotel will do.

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