Pahoa, Hawaii: Land of Paradise

Pahoa HawaiiThe Paradise State of Hawaii has been a top travel destination in the United States, but there are much more about the islands than just beaches and swanky hotels.  Travelers wishing to discover more of Hawaii may want to venture to the Big Island and visit Pahoa village, where the past remains untouched.

It is unknown how long the indigenous Hawaiians settled in the area, but the archeological findings have suggested that Pahoa has a long history of habitation.  Since then, Pahoa has been a rugged sawmill town that became a vast plantation of sugarcane during the 19th Century.  Pahoa still maintains its Western-style storefronts and wooden boardwalks, surrounded by charming Victorian-style buildings.

Pahoa also features everything other crowded cities in the islands offer at much affordable rates, from quaint surf shops and curios, to a wide variety of restaurants showcasing mouth-watering cuisine from all over the globe.  Lodging in Pahoa is also an alternative to plush hotels, with the historic Village Inn-built in 1910-that housed some of the area’s earliest travelers.  The town also holds the reputation of holding lively and entertaining performances on the Main Street, as well as in Hawaii’s oldest theater, the Akebono.

Travelers to Pahoa would also be fascinated over the area’s breathtaking natural wonders such as the Lava Tree State Park, steam vents, papaya tree groves, and black sand beaches the lie along the rugged coast.  Such wonderful locations can be accessed through public parks and fishing spots that are perfect for picnicking and relaxation.  Pahoa truly displays the spectacular rural side of Paradise, giving travelers a hard time leaving.

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