Miami Eating & Drinking Guide

miami foodMiami is no stranger to international cuisines. Being a city filled with ethnic diversity, the dining experience is nothing short of being amazing. The food itself leans more towards the various Latin and Cuban cuisine.

There are a number of areas in Miami where restaurants that offer exquisite and exceptional food congregate. One place is Coral Gables which is located in the business district where lots of people come to work during the weekdays. The cafes and restaurants in the area are quite good.

Another great place to find good restaurants is along the beaches of Miami. There is a street full of restaurants and nightclubs at Ocean Drive in South Beach. Meanwhile, Lincoln Road Mall offers restaurants, gay bars, and various stores.

Restaurants like Argentinians, Chileans, Mexicans, Japanese, Italian, Peruvian, Venezuelan, French, Colombian, Greek, line up the 67th and 75th streets. Still a third would be Little Havana in Central Miami. The area is filled with superior Cuban and South American eateries. Among the restaurants in the district include Versailles and Casa Juancho. The area can be quite frightening after dark so it’s best to come here in groups.

Wolfie Cohen’s Rascal House – As long as they can remember, the Rascal House has been part of the Miami Beach tradition. People’s visit at the famous Miami beaches will never be complete without a quick bite of the famous bagel, corned beef sandwich and cheesecake at Rascal House. At Rascal’s, it’s a first come, first serve basis, so you don’t be surprised with the really long lines at entrance.

Porcao – If you want a taste of Brazil, this is the place to be. Porcao offers authentic Brazilian steaks. Every Saturday night, the restaurant serves their famous Feijoada dish. There’s also a Rodizio buffet which is made up of appetizers, salads, seafood, sushi and meat, that awaits visitors brave enough to enter Porcao.

Capital Grille –To rival Porcao, Capital Grille offers delicious steaks and a celebrated wine list. The restaurant has great reviews with their steak included in the top ten best in the whole city. Capital Grille is located near the Brickell Bridge in downtown Miami.

Joe’s Stone Crabs –Crab season in Miami is October 15th to May 15th. A restaurant that is known for delicious crabs is Joe’s Stone Crabs. Joe’s is located on South Beach. If you find yourself in Miami during crab season, don’t leave without going to the place at least once. Their original crab recipe is simple great. The only problem is the restaurant is seasonal.

Cafe Prima Pasta – Time for Italian. Perhaps the most well known Italian restaurant in Miami. It has been awarded as one of the best by different Miami restaurant polls. Their menu include homemade pasta, chicken and veal dishes.

China Grill – This is another South Beach trendy restaurant. Although, you might find the serving portions small.

It is not surprising to find most of the drinking pubs are located near and around Miami’s South Beach and Coconut Grove. It is here where most visitors in Miami spend their nightlife. One of the most popular drink around is “rum and Coke” but in here, you call the drink “Cuba Libre.”

South Beach –Among the most popular pubs in South Bach include the Rose Bar, the Sky Bar which is part of the popular Nobu & Ago restaurant, and the Mac’s Club Deuce. Playwright Irish Pub & Restaurant is also located in South Beach. Playwright is probably one of the few true Irish pubs in Miami. The Pearl Restaurant and Champagne Lounge, meanwhile, serves as a place for the fabulous. You’ll see socialites and sophisticates sipping the house champagne. Totally opposite of Pearl is Jazid, a sultry bar that is known for putting up great jazz shows.

Coconut Grove – Meanwhile, the Barracuda Bar & Grill, Mr. Moe’s, Sand Bar, and Greenstreet Cafe are known drinking places in Coconut Grove.

There are, however, a number of other pubs around that had carved their own reputation in the Miami night and pub life.

Fox’s Sherron Inn – Located in South Miami, this is a nostalgic bar that looks pretty much the same as it was when its doors first opened to the public in 1946. This is a favorite place by locals to drink martinis and have conversations.

Bongo’s Cuban Cafe – Another downtown treasure. Cuban cuisine is served along side the vivid colors and loud beating of Latin drums. The cafe is owned by the couple Emilio and Gloria Estefan. Exotic tropical drinks are also being served.

There are others more. We have only touched the surface of what Miami has to offer.

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