Getting Around Miami


Miami, Florida’s major southeastern city, has been the location for hit movie and television series like Miami Vice and CSI Miami. Surrounded by Biscayne Bay, the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean, this South Floridian city is an international center for economic and cultural exchanges.

With a strong international business community, an established music scene and a rich popular culture, Miami has been a point of destination for businessmen and artists alike.

When you go to Miami, there are a number of ways to get around. Both private and public transportation can bring you to and from your destination.

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport

Let’s start with the way in and out of the city. The Miami airport is one of the busiest in the world. Every year the airport takes care of about 35 million passengers and tons of baggage and cargo. It guides and service flights from and to more than seventy international destination. From here, there is already an array of transportation to choose from.


If you don’t like flying, Amtrak’s Silver Service has two Miami bound trains that leaves New York, Washington and other eastern seaboard cities everyday. The major disadvantage of going by train from New York is the fact that the trains are oftentimes delayed by freight lines along the way.


Once you arrived in Miami, you can choose to take the Metro-Dade Transit’s bus which transports passengers to and from the airports and have bus stations in almost all the major destinations in the city. Recent improvements in the transit bus system have made it a real cheap way to go around the city and get a tour of the downtown area. However, due to the usual heavy traffic, buses are often late.


You can also use the one-line elevated railway system known in the city as the Metrorail. The train system runs downtown and intersects with some of the major bus depots like the Great Fort Lauderdale bus system. The Metrorail also connects with the Tri-Rail Metro-mover and the Metrobus at the Government Center in the southern part. The first train leaves the station at 5am and the last one park by midnight.


This is probably the most efficient way to travel around the downtown area. This elevated people mover connects to the Metrorail at two stations.


Miami taxis are quite expensive. When you’re coming from the airport, you can see a fleet of taxi cabs waiting for passengers. Taxis here usually charge a $2.50 surcharge for the pick-up which is added to the regular fare. Taxi operators also offer special trips for tourists who want direct transit to destination places like the barrier islands of Miami Beach.

Taxis, at least the major ones, are not allowed to stop and pick up passengers in the street. They can only pick up and drop off passengers at the airport, cruise port and train terminal for safety reasons. Other smaller taxi cab companies, however, tend to ignore the rules and randomly pick up passengers along the streets.

By Car

You need lots of courage if you want to try driving around the city. Miami’s intersections are said to be among the most dangerous, the traffic is included in the country’s top ten list, and the drivers are known to be very aggressive on the roads. Also, with lots of infrastructure constructions going on, navigation by car around the city is not highly recommended.

Although, if you do plan to stay downtown or has only a single destination in mind, then driving their by car is ok. Also, Miami has very cheap car rental services compared to other cities in the country.

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