Vancouver Eating Out

Known for its wonderful restaurants and great food, traveling to Vancouver is a treat both for the eyes vancouver foodand the stomach. For the first time travelers to Vancouver, the city has its own Pacific Northwestern cuisine, a local style of cooking where cooking methods use only a selection of the most fresh of ingredients.

Specialties in Vancouver include crab, scallops and sablefish. Also, the city is known as a mixing pot of immigrants from all over Asia and Europe which influenced the variety of dishes and style of cooking available in the area. You can see a seemingly perfect synergy of Asian restaurants may they be Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Thai, and European establishments like French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Mexican restaurants.

But for the lowly traveler who eats on a tight budget, one does not need to use all their travel allowance to get to enjoy the Vancouver food. The following are some of the well known restaurants in the city that offer the unique tastes of Vancouver at very affordable costs.

The Samurai Sushi House

Located at 5888 Cambie St., Vancouver, BC, this small shop is quite popular because of their relatively large servings. Fresh sushi, cheap and pieces so large that it is absolutely hard to complain.


If you get tired of Sushi, you should try Stepho’s. This one is a Greek restaurant located at 1124 Davie Street. For less than $10 CDN you can get a huge delicious meal. Be sure to go there early though, since the place is so popular that you can expect a line out the door after after 5:30pm.

Cheesecake Etc.

A small dessert place on Granville Street. The ambiance is great but the place is really tiny so sitting a whole pack of friends can be a little troublesome. It’s more of a date place. They offer wonderful specialty coffees for $3 or less and the desserts are to die for.

Shabusen Yakiniku House

This time its a Korean BBQ dining place. Located at 202 – 755 Burrard St., this restaurant serves Korean BBQ and sushi for a little over $20. It can be a little pricey compared to the other establishments mentioned so far, bu still the grilled marinated meat won’t leave you hungry.

Gigi’s Pizza Spaghetti House

If you want to go Italian, this is the place to be. Imagine tasty and filling pasta dishes for under $10. The baked pasta dishes are big enough to share so you can actually save more if you’re with a group.

Guu Izakaya

Some say that Guu Izakaya is Vancouver’s best kept secret. The restaurant serve small dishes of Japanese food but the place is very authentic. You can see a lot of Japanese eating here, mostly exchange students.

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