British Columbia Seaplane Adventure

seaplaneSeaplane adventures in British Columbia offer you to witness marine wildlife at a different view. This means that whale watching can even be more thrilling than it is supposed to be.

Whether you are traveling to your favorite resort or to anywhere you like, seaplane scenic agencies can guarantee you the excitement that you want to have. For those who are eager for the thrill, below are some of the following agencies you may choose from.

Northwest Seaplanes

With professional pilots known for several safety awards, this offers seasonal services to tourists who want to get a view of the breathtaking scenic spots in British Columbia.

Harbour Air Seaplanes

Want to travel green while sightseeing? Go for this one. With flights that guarantees safety and zero carbon emissions, this scenic tour agency ensures passenger comfort and safety.

Hyack Air

With a scheduled air service, Hyack Air provides scenic air tours as well as whale watching adventures. Partnered with Kenmore Air, the seaplane tour agency is based in Seattle, Washington and provides flights all across North America, offering excitement, convenience and adventure in one package.

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