Haines Alaska Bald Eagle

view from haines highwayWitnessing scenic views along the Alaska Highway, visitors are instantly at awe with the beauty of the community of Haines in Alaska’s southeast.  Established by missionaries, gold prospectors, and the US Army, Haines has been able to mix the American infrastructure with the rich cultural heritage by the indigenous Tlingit people.  Long been dismissed as an isolated town, the creation of Haines Highway and the Alaska Highway has enabled this small community to be connected with the rest of North America.

This borough is ideal for travelers who wish to learn more about indigenous cultures and their art.  Before the establishment of Haines, the area was originally called "Dei-Shu" or "End of the Trail" by the Chilkat, a subgroup of the Tlingit people, who traded with gold seekers on different resources including its special item:  oil extracted from the eulachon fish.

Because of the abundance of resources in the Chilkay Valley, the Tlingits spend more time developing other skills, including stunning artworks that are unique to one another.  For the more eccentric, you can also visit the community’s Hammer Museum, which is dedicated to the history of the hammer in human society.

Tourists can also enjoy visiting a sanctuary for America’s proud bald eagles in the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve between October and February.  Created by the State of Alaska in June 1982, the Preserve aims to protect and perpetuate the world’s largest concentration of bald eagles and their critical habitat.  Bird-watching has never been this spectacular and majestic.

The Haines community and surrounding area is also popular among outdoor enthusiasts.  One can go on white-river rafting in the Chilkat River and hiking on the Takshanuk Mountains.  Davidson Glacier is also an accessible natural attraction located within the area.

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