Saint Martins Island, Bangladesh Tropical Secret

Saint Martins Island BangledeshWe have always pictured the south Asian country of Bangladesh as cyclone-prone and highly chaotic, but this country actually holds a secret destination that travelers love to discover.

About 10 kilometers southwest of the southern tip of the mainland, one will find Bangladesh’s only coral island: Saint Martins Island. Simply called "Coconut Island" by the locals, this coconut-fringed island is a clean and peaceful place where you can do absolutely nothing but to lie on the beach and get a tan.

It is also a great opportunity to witness the simple village life of the people who called this island their home. People take their daily routines at a slow pace, working mostly during the morning and evening, while spending their afternoon drying fish or selling coconuts, the beverage of choice.

Because of its small area, measuring only 8 km2 during low tide and shrinking into 5 km2 while high tide; it is possible to walk around the island in a day. The inhabitants of the island rely mainly on fishing, farming, and foraging for algae that they sell in neighboring Myanmar.

Many of the tourism establishments on the island are located at the northernmost part, while the center and south are concentrated with farmlands and makeshift huts. While there is no electricity on the island, larger hotel run electric generators for a few hours on the evening.

It is ideally to visit Saint Martin’s Island between November and February, but you do need to check out the weather forecast during your stay as cyclone can strike the island any time. To get there, you need to fly to the capital city of Dhaka, then take another flight or a bus ride to Cox’s Bazar before catching another bus ride to Teknaf, which is located at the southern tip of Bangladesh. Ferries to Saint Martin Island run daily and could take around three hours.

Image source: Wikipedia, released under GNU Free Documentation License

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