Places to Visit in Nepal

stupa in kathmanduThat Nepal is one of the most amazing destinations on the planet is not surprising. With its exotic wildlife, lush jungles, diverse people, and rich culture, this lovely Himalayan Kingdom of high mountains and deep valleys is the dream destination for many holiday travelers. Nepal is the land of the sublime, the magical, the ethereal, and the surprising.

The Hill region, also known as Pahadi Bheg, is considered by locals as the heart of Nepal. Found in this region are the fertile valleys of Kathmandu and Pokhara, snow fed rivers, and high hills. If you are traveling to Nepal, make sure to visit the following places:

Kathmandu Valley

Nepal’s commercial, political, and cultural hub, the Kathmandu Valley is a striking and captivating showcase of the country’s very rich tradition, art, and culture. Legend has it that it was once a lake until the Bodhisattva (reincarnated enlightened being) Manjushri used his sword of wisdom to slice a channel through the high mountain walls. This drained the lake and created the first settlements.

While the Kathmandu Valley is home to most of the country’s ethnic groups, Newars are the native inhabitants of the valley who created its marvelous civilization. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur are the valley’s magnificent cities that offer visitors great historical and cultural attractions. Villages and small towns such as Bandipur, Dhulikhel, Phulchowki, and Shivapuri also provide travelers delightful glimpses of rural life in Nepal.


Tansen is a very old hill town known for its architectures that have strong influence from the Newari migrants. This enchanting town offers its visitors a great opportunity to experience authentic Nepalese culture. Here, you will see old Newari houses as well as cobbled streets shaping the townscape. Shreenagar, the town’s hill, gives incredible views of the Himalayas from Ganesh Himal (east) to Dhaulagiri (west).


If you want some adventure, Pokhara is the place to be. It has become the starting point for many popular rafting and trekking destinations. An extraordinary place of natural beauty, this charming city has a number of gorgeous lakes and provides a stunning panoramic view of Himalayan peaks. The tranquility of the lakes and the splendor of the Himalayas in the background create an ambience of magic and peace.


Gorkha is another destination in the Hill region that you should not miss. Home of the royal family, this small town is maybe the most vital historical town in Nepal. Its main attraction is the humble, yet impressive Gorkha Durbar. It is a complex of a palace, temple, and fort, and a palace that provides wonderful view of the Himalayas and the deep valleys. Other places of interests are the Gorkha Bazaar and the Gorakhnath Cave.

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