Travel Facts About Japan

japan templeTraveling is something that people do to rest, relax and release stress. When traveling, one of the places that people often visit is Japan.

Japan is a beautiful country. However, foreigners’ impression on this country is that it is laden with a hypersexed culture. This is probably due to the prevalence of anime pornography in this country, as well as the thriving prostitution industry that it has.

Facts about Japan:

Enjo Kosai, a form of dating where occasional sexual favors are performed on older men, becomes legal at the age of 17

10% of the world’s condom consumption is used up by the Japanese

There is a prevalence of gay bars in Tokyo

Male homosexuality is not widely accepted in Japan, but compared to female lesbianism, this concept is treated with a more positive attitude

The selling of sex-related articles and materials in Japan becomes prohibited by law only when the contact of genitals are involved.

Because the national religion of Japan, Shinto, has no concept of sin, the Japanese people are deemed as sinful and iniquitous by other cultures. However, that is not the case.

The differences in beliefs and traditions shape how the people in a particular society act and behave but it does not ultimately spell how the people in that country are.

Learning about other cultures is fun and you will gain lots of insights if you try learning about the culture, not only of Japan, but of other countries as well.


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