Yunnan Province of Beauty

Yunna Province In the southwest region of China lies a land that they say we can find "The Beautiful Clouds in the South." The province of Yunnan-situated near Vietnam, Laos, and Burma-was listed as one of the best travel destinations for 2009 by prominent travel guide The Lonely Planet.

Yunnan prides itself of having the richest landscape in the Far East, from alpine mountain ranges to tropical rainforests. Because of this very diverse topography, Yunnan is also home to the greatest number of plant species in China as well as a wide array of animals that include the Asian elephant and the Yunnan golden monkey.

As varied as its land, Yunnan is a melting pot of culture with 25 different ethnic groups living harmoniously with the land, making it the most culturally diverse province in China. This multiplicity of cultures has also given the province a rich heritage that travelers can get to see.

You can have your first stop in Lijiang City and take a visit in Dongba Village, a traditional homestead of the Naxi ethnic group. This minority group prides themselves of retaining their national culture from their architecture, language, music and the way of life.

If you want to experience how the people of Yunnan have fun, come to Xishuangbanna on April and join with the Dai people as they celebrate their New Year with a week-long Water Splashing Festival. On the third day, which falls on New Year’s Day, people dress up and go to the local temple and worship Buddha, as well as pray for a good weather and more children. After listening to scriptures and historical legends, people then splash water onto each other to symbolize Buddha’s blessing, rinsing diseases and disaster away.

The people in the ancient town of Dali celebrate their third lunar month with a commodity and cultural fair that has attracted millions of merchants. Horse races and other traditional folk activities are held.

You can also come to the capital city of Kunming and see the breathtaking natural wonder called Stone Forest, where massive pillars of gray rock created a gigantic forest of stone. Meanwhile, the northwest section of Yunnan lies the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, where the City of Lijiang is located.

As what every traveler has said, the natural beauty of Yunnan Province truly defies description.

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