The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of ChinaChina. China is the dwelling place of the Great Wall.

China has been unmindful of what was external to their culture. But one is sure of their love for own and richness in culture.

Their respect for their culture has bounded them together and has produced a valuable culture based dynasty of experience and wisdom.

The Great wall is a massive structure stretching over 6, 352km starting in Shanghai Pass in the East and ends between China Proper and Manchuria. Visible in its arcs, is the wall’s purpose of bordering between North China and Inner Mongolia.

The Great Wall served as a Chinese fortification against foreign invaders specifically by the Mongolians. It has protected various dynasties, a fortress to the emperors of China.

It was built during the 5th Century BC up until the early phase of the 17th century. The Great Wall was typify as the great barrier to invaders and at the same the sanctuary for the Chinese.

The wall used be built with from earth , stones, and wood. The difficulty in the transportation of the materials urged the builders to make use of any material that was around the location.

Their resourcefulness motivated them to use the the mountains, carving diligently, using the stones to build the wall just so a barrier will protect them from the sacking of Hunnic, Mongol, Turkic and other nomadic tribes. Bricks came to the picture during the Ming Dynasty.

“The steps that form the Great Wall of China are very steep and tall in some areas of the wall. Tourists often become exhausted climbing the wall, and traverse no more than a mile because of this reason.

Along the wall on either side, are “holes” where the builders of the Great Wall didn’t place any bricks. They are a little over a foot tall, and about 9 inches in width. These holes were used to shoot arrows out of when being attacked.”

Although, some areas of the wall have been preserved, some parts have been destroyed. Some areas were used by the near villages to build their homes while some areas of the Great Wall is prone to graffiti and vandalism.

Despite of its waning glory, the Great Wall is still a colossus of its own. It is a decade warrior fighting for China, and still is fighting for its preservation.

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