Shandong Province Itinerary

confucius graveyardShandong Province in the eastern part of China is famed for its being one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization. It was home to the great philosopher Confucius. It is also known for its interesting customs and beautiful sites. The moment you set foot in the province you’ll be overwhelmed by its one-of-a-kind offering. Read on to have an idea for your itinerary when you visit Shandong.

Day 1

Shandong Province’s capital, Ji’nan, is the first stop. Wake up early in the morning and take a bus to  the 1000 Buddha Mountain. After lunch, visit the Daming Lake and the symbol of Ji’nan, the Baotu Spring. Relax at a local hotel in the evening.

Day 2

Make sure that you wake up early. After breakfast, take a local bus to Mt. Tai. Travel time is about two hours. Once there, take a cable car up the hill and then walk down. Try delicious food on Heavenly Street. You can continue walking downhill after lunch. The sights are a feast for the eye. If you want to rest, there are several good hotels in the vicinity of the mountain to choose from.

Day 3

Take a bus to Qufu, Confucius’ birthplace, early in the morning. Travel time is about two hours. You can visit the Confucius Temple and Confucius Residence by pedicab. Experience the Kongfu Banquet at a local restaurant. After having a taste of the Shandong cuisine, go out of town and visit the splendid Confucius Forest. When you’re done sightseeing, head back to Ji’nan by train. Travel time is between two and three hours.

Day 4

Take a train to Qingdao in the morning. The trip is quite long (4 hours) so you’ll probably reach your destination by lunch time. Try out a local seafood restaurant once you get there. Visit the Qingdao Protestant Church and the Catholic Church by foot or by bus. You’ll be finished by around 4 pm.

Day 5

Go to Zhanqiao Bridge and Small Qingdao Island by foot in the morning. That is, if you choose a hotel near the railway station. Otherwise, take a taxi or a local bus. Visit the Ba Da Guan Scenic Area in the afternoon. After that, visit the nearby beaches. If you’re a sun-sea-sand lover and you happen to visit Qingdao in summer, you might want to spend one more day to try out these beaches.

Day 6

Take a one-hour bus ride to Taiqing Palace in the morning. Some restaurants here might charge more than expected. So it’s a good idea to have a packed lunch. Wander around Laoshan in the afternoon.

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