Guide to Shopping in Cairo

cairo shopping guideCairo has been a shopping haven for centuries now. It has been the trading place of people from Africa, the Middle East and even people from Asia. These traders put up tents to sell of barter their goods.

Although these days, peddlers hawk imitations of famous brands, you could still find peddlers who sell authentic merchandise.

Khan Al-Khalili

On your shopping expedition around Cairo, you may feel like you went back in time. You will find local and foreign merchants selling gold, copper, textile and spices. The go-to place to shop for souvenirs and practically everything else is Khan Al-Khalili.

It is one of the world’s oldest bazaars. Here, you can haggle with merchants and have full the souq experience. Leather goods, brass, jewelry, perfume and galabiyas (long robes) are also available in "the Khan."


Is the place to visit for brass and copperware. Wide, engraved trays are popular choices, as are cups, plates and bowls.

Specialty shops


There are other a number of other places to shop in Cairo. Across the street from the Khan is the Al Azhr mosque, a historical attraction in itself.

Behind this mosque are two shops known for their leather products. Here you can find exquisite leather binding as well as photo albums, journals, sketch books and other items.

Interior design

Near the Khan is a design store named Beit Khatoun that specializes in home décor, particularly floor lamps, lampshades. The owners of the store are artists and they refine items usually purchased at the Khan.


If you are looking for some old school fez, those conical felt used to be worn by professionals, then take a walk down Muezz Al Din Al Ali Street. You will pass by some of the old mosques then about halfway along you will see Mohammed Al Tarabishi. They are the last fez manufacturers in Egypt. A top quality fez can cost around $5.

Be wary  of peddlers who claim to be selling "genuine antiques." For one, these so-called genuine antiques may not be genuine after all. And two, if you do get your hands on a genuine antique, remember: it is illegal to export these artifacts without a license.

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