Cairo Transport and Accommodation Guide

Cairo In your mind you are probably thinking you are to some place that time forgot. But Cairo is just like any major city in the world. It has plenty of hotels to meet your lodging needs and has a vast transportation network to accommodate your transportation needs.

From the airport

From the Cairo International Airport, you can take a cab to get to your hotel. If you do not have reservations yet, you can ask you cab driver to recommend a good place to stay in. Taxi fare from the airport to the center of town can set you back by around 25 Egyptian pounds.

The airport also provides a shuttle service that can take you from the airport to any of the following locations (and vise versa): Heliopolis, Nasr-City, Downtown Cairo, Giza, Mohandesin, Zamalek, Maadi and Haram. The buses are spacious, comfortably and best of all, air-conditioned. Depending on your destination, shuttle service fare ranges from 25-105 per person, and 50-145 for groups (up to 7 people) or private use.

Other buses and mini-buses also go from the airport to the center of town in Midan Tahrir. The fare costs less than 1 Egyptian Pound.

Hotels and accommodations

Some of the world’s most famous luxury hotels are present in Cairo so you don’t have to worry about modern and pristine amenities. Some of theme include: the Grand Hyatt Cairo which can set you back around $250; The Four Seasons Cairo 1st Residence ($400), Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza ($340) The Cairo Marriott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino ($195), InterContinental Semiramis ($144), InterContinental CityStars ($203) and the Hilton Ramses ($85).

You can check out each hotel’s site to know more about their rates.

If you are a more adventurous traveler or a traveler on a budget, you may opt the numerous inns and hostels the dot the city.


Most travel guides recommend getting around Cairo on foot, but it can get tiring. Fortunately there are many forms of transportation available. These include: a vast road network, rail system, subway system and maritime services.

Taxi – Cairo has hundreds, perhaps thousands of black and white taxis to take you anywhere in the city. Also, the new organized Taxi service has been around since March 2006. These "yellow" cabs are comfortable, air-conditioned and reliable.

To accommodate tourists that flock Egypt yearly, there is a free taxi number to call a cab. The drivers also speak English and there are designated stops for the cabs. The average taxi fare costs about $3, but may vary depending on the distance.

It also doesn’t help that its extensive road network allows you to go about the city easily. Cairo’s road network is connected to other cities and villages in Egypt. Also, there is Cairo’s Ring Road the surrounds the outskirts of the city and which has exits the reach to nearly every district in Cairo.

Buses – There are a number of bus lines in operation in Cairo: the standard bus service, the mini-buses which are smaller and more extensive, and the CTA which stands for the Cairo Transport Authority. CTA buses are air-conditioned, and are therefore more costly.

Cairo Metro – Cairo’s metro system currently has two operational lines. Single journey tickets cost 1 Egyptian pound. All Cairo metros reserve their two cars in the middle of each train for women until early evening.

Tram – The Tram system has been in operation since the start of the 20th Century and connects Cairo to other areas such as Heliopolis, Nasr City. Cairo’s main station is the Ramses station on Midan Ramses.

Ferry – Cairo’s ferry boat system takes passengers across the Nile River. You can rent a Falucca by the hour.

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