Best Time to Enjoy Kenyan Safari

rhinocerosThe best time to experience Kenyan safari is when the wildlife is in dense numbers and easy to find. This is the time when migrating animals descend on the Mara plains, with the opportunistic predators very close behind.

You can witness this hunter-prey spectacle from July through October, during the dry seasons. If your Kenyan holiday falls within this period, it is recommended that you visit the Masai Mara park to see this spectacular event. Kenya is also a great destination from January through March.

January – February

January is the time when the weather is dry and the animals flock in dense numbers around water sources. This is a prime safari month in Kenya, which is a popular birding destination. In fact, it’s a home to more that 1,200 bird species. This month is the best time to go birding in the country. Here, you’ll witness the most spectacular ornithological show in the planet.

January is also the perfect time to see the beautiful flamingos in the Rift Valley lakes. If you’re Kenyan safari vacation falls in February, you mustn’t miss the Mount Kenya National Park, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the ideal time of the year to climb Mount Kenya. If you want to see baby animals, February is also the month to visit Kenya.


Kenya provides one of the best safari experiences in East Africa in March. This month is calving season in many game parks. It’s still dry in the country and the diversity and density of wildlife can’t be matched elsewhere in East Africa this month.

Since the dry seasons result in the scarcity of water, the animals gather in more concentrated and diverse numbers around lakes, rivers, and permanent water holes, so they’re easier to spot. Also, the vegetation is less lush which means you can view the animals from a distance much easier.

July – October

Take your pick of Kenyan safari destinations from July to October, when all major safari attractions are primed for business. Kenya’s famous Masai Mara park serves as the green carpet for the great migration of wildebeests, gnus, and zebras. You’ll have breathtaking views of throngs of animals crossing rivers while crocodiles wait in close distance for unknowing animals to trip into their unforgiving jaws.

Kenya is one of the best places for an African safari in October. The rainy season hasn’t arrived yet and the dry seasons make game watching very rewarding. You’ll have the opportunity to see the Big 5 animals: elephant, rhinoceros, lion, leopard, and buffalos.

Since October is also the month when it’s vacation time in the northern hemisphere, parks usually get crowded and tourists book up in advance. If you have limited budget for a Kenyan safari, plan your trip in a different season.

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