How to Call Home From Abroad

If you are set for a multi-day vacation spree outside the country, finding a way to call home could be a struggle if you are not prepared. Many countries still do not have widespread Internet access, sometimes even no Internet (or phones) at all. There are many ways to call loved ones at home while you are out of the country that are not only convenient, but also cost close to free. Skype – This software can

Avoiding Getting Your Backpack Lost

A traveler’s worst nightmare is to have his luggage lost and there are many ways to lose the baggage and the precious belongings that go with it. Whether it is a bulky luggage or a heavy backpack, keeping an eye on your bags should never waver the whole trip. Your bag could get mishandled or, worse, stolen. The general rule of thumb is to avoid attraction. Travelers should not appear “rich” in

How to Deal with Border Officers

The last thing a jolly traveler wants is to be refused entry to his destination. There are a variety of reasons why you would be turned away by an immigation officer or border police. Even a simple miscalculated move of tweeting about “destroying America” before arriving in the US could get you into trouble. However, you are not alone. Even the most experienced tourists feel a bit apprehensive as the

Pre-Travel Preparation Tips

There are so many things to consider before leaving your home for a much-deserved vacation. Not only you have to prepare for the trip ahead, but also what you leave behind. Here are some things you have to do before taking that trip of a lifetime: Get a haircut – Nothing beats looking clean for your trip. Sure, haircuts overseas can be cheaper, but barbers in other countries usually do buzz cuts, which yo

Best Winter Festivals in United States

Is spending winter in your area a bit bland? Add some excitement to your cold days by spending it with other merrymakers during festive winter festivals. You do not even have to travel far, as here are some of the most recommended winter festivals within the United States. Saranac Lake Winter Carnival (Saranac Lake, New York) – The State of New York has its share of natural wonder often missed out even by i

Best Travel Websites While on the Road

As you travel to your destination, you need to make sure of the littlest of details to make your trip problem-free. Here are recommended websites for travelers on to go. To organize all details in a single page, TripIt – This tool helps travelers compile all of their confirmation numbers, arrival times, prepaid reservation fees, and other important details of your vacation into a single document. Simply for

How to Pack Clothes Efficiently for Travel

After long hours of traveling, it is quite frustrating for a traveler to find out that all of his clothes get wrinkled and smelly as he unpacks. An efficient traveler packs clothes in an organized manner that minimize wrinkling, so they do not have to iron all of it at the hotel, which requires additional costs. Here are some clothes packing tips for travelers. Get organized – A good way to organize your tr

Best Travel Websites for Planning a Vacation

The secret for a stree-free travel is to be prepared. The Internet provides many websites that make it much easier for travelers to book a flight, create an itinerary, or track frequent flyer miles. Here are some of the most efficient websites while planning your trip. When booking a flight at the best possible time, Bing Travel – While there are a lot of websites that calculate the cheapest flights, Bing T

Choosing the Right Clothes for Travel

Picking out what clothes to bring for travel is as stressful as finding the cheapest flight. The secret to packing smart is to go for light clothing that works for every weather and situation. Here are some helpful travel clothing tips you can use: Choose fabrics wisely – Pack fabrics that are breathable, wick moisture effectively, and easy to maintain (i.e. no need to iron). Wrinkle-resistant clothes are

Popular Museums To Visit In New York

Museums are one of the places that tourists and visitors want to visit as part of their trip. New York City offers various museums that tourists and visitors into the city can make part of their vacation itinerary. Here are some of the more popular ones. Metropolitan Museum Of Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York City’s most popular tourist attractions. This museum contains a vast collection